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Next-generation science sets with VR and AR lessons for kids ages 5–16+
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MEL Chemistry
Ages: 10-16+
Bring chemistry concepts to life with hands-on experiments, VR lessons, and online science classes.
From 26.20/month
MEL Physics
Ages: 8-14+
Explore how physical phenomena and everyday devices work! Try VR lessons and online science classes.
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MEL Kids
Ages: 5-9+
Explore fun science with kid-friendly educational models, AR lessons, and online classes.
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Get 3 powerful educational tools in one subscription
Learn by doing.
Hands-on experiments
Forget routine reading and listening.
Let children acquire practical knowledge by doing spectacular science projects. All experiments have been thoroughly tested and safety-certified.
A Purdue University study has shown that hands-on students scored an average of 20% higher on unit tests than students taught exclusively through lectures and textbooks.

With MEL Science experiments, kids practice, learn, and have fun at the same time.
Build upon knowledge.
VR/AR technologies
Use your devices to learn rather than to kill time – turn them into portals to virtual and augmented realities.
Kids can wander through crystal lattices, assemble atoms, and watch a rocket launch on their carpet. Studying complex scientific concepts in VR and AR feels like playing — but fosters an in-depth understanding of how the world works.
Live Lessons with professional teachers

Use your devices to learn rather than to kill time – turn them into portals to virtual and augmented realities.
When kids receive a new MEL box, they can conduct the experiments together with a science teacher and other kids. Just like real scientists, сhildren can convene with like-minded explorers to exchange ideas and impressions and find new friends from all over the world in the live chat.
What else? Let's see:
The biggest industry show in the education technology landscape BETT named MEL Science Innovator of the Year 2020.
Safe for home use
Our kits are thoroughly tested in laboratories and comply with US and EU safety regulations (EN 71-4), meeting the strictest standards.
Expertly built by scientists and parents

Our team has 10 PhDs in science — and a growing number of children of all ages. We are experts both in science and in making it fun.
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